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We help families make better financial choices so they can focus on the things they love.

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Strategic Advice

Our advice is strategic as we consider many aspects of your financial circumstance to ensure advice is in your best interest.


We will say as it is with no fluffing around. We believe that honesty is the best policy - no matter how harsh it may be.

Our Story

We help families focus on the things they love

The time is NOW. We believe that you deserve to enjoy life to have the freedom to spend time with family, friends and the world without finances being an obstacle.We believe that you should one day be able to enjoy the fruit of your hard work and that your financial freedom should NOT be limited by your income knowledge or where you come from.

Our Services

How we help

We offer a wide range of services to ensure that your finances are as efficient as possible.

Achieving Goals​

We will assist you in setting goals and compiling a strategy to help you achieve them.

Growing Investments

There are many ways to invest money but which one is right for you?

Maximising Retirement

Having certainty that your wealth will last you through your years of retirement is invaluable.

Managing Money & Debt

While how much one earns is crucial, how that money is managed is much more important.

Protecting Lifestyle

Every plan A needs a plan B and we can help tailor a solution that suits your needs.

About the Podcast

Control money or it controls you

Hosted by Michael Khouri, Sharing More than the Sheets is a podcast to help you and your partner make better financial and lifestyle decisions so that you can both can focus on the things you love.

Michael is wonderful. He goes above and beyond for me. Even when I found out I may need to claim on my insurance he guided me on the process and even asked the questions on behalf of me. He’s great with money. Showed me some amazing financial planning and has helped me get back on track financially even during covid. Taught me to be patient with money and is passionate about what he does. Can highly recommend.


Belinda L

What originally started out as a call to review my income protection turned into a long overdue review of our future financial plan. Michael’s knowledge and his ability to understand client needs, and his down to earth, plain speaking approach makes a daunting task feel pretty simple and pleasant. We now feel organised and have a well structured plan in place to work towards. Not to mention Michael ‘always’ seems to be the other end of the email to answer ‘any’ questions. Tks so much Michael, we totally appreciate your help.


Amanda & Alan C

My experience with Michael and the Better Financial team far exceeded my expectation, and answered all my queries and concerns without hesitation and given me a clearer financial picture. Can’t highly recommend you guys enough thank you so much and a special shout out to Michael and congratulations on a very insightful and informative podcast. Keep Up the exceptional work.


Gokhan C


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Our Podcast ‘Sharing More Than The Sheets’ is designed to help Australians like you, DO BETTER, BE BETTER and FEEL BETTER with your finances.